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Last Day Warfare Present Day Message

FILMNTVFLYX is presently on ROKU!!  We are now in development to produce some very educational and timely projects that relate to what is needed in these last and evil days.  It's not easy to look around the world we live in and be totally satisfied with the conditions we see and know exist.  Film, Television and Music plays an important part of the lawless and immoral conditions that exist in this world.  William A. Baker is still on a mission which started so many years ago, to provide entertainment that contains TRUTH and provides Hope in a time where Faith is definitely needed.  FILMNTVFLYX INC. is looking for partners and investors who can embrace the last day spiritual vision and connect with Creative Genius William A. Baker as he fights the spiritual warfare to battle the satanic attack on schools, children, leaders, people as a whole and Christians in America and around the world.

Let’s Work Together for the sake of The Kingdom & Life

Founder - William A. Baker

(661) 466-9946

Attorney - Sally Koenig

(310) 440-9290

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